Why Muay Thai Is The Best Martial Art For Those Looking To Protect Themselves

There are many different martial arts out there that offer great defensive techniques for their participants, but none are quite like Muay Thai. Muay Thai is one of the most tested martial arts in the world, with many leading mixed-martial-arts contests won by Muay Thai proponents. But, Muay Thai is not solely good for attacking; in fact, its strengths often are better geared towards being defensive and simply getting yourself out of a jam. Here are a few reasons why Muay Thai is one of the best martial arts for those who want to protect themselves from attacks.

One Of The Best Workouts In The World

If you want to remain alert and aware in the middle of a potentially physical confrontation, then you need to know how to act when you are physically and mentally drained. To have your defensive techniques drilled into you so well that you could do it even in extreme exhaustion is often key to surviving a fight. Muay Thai is exceptionally demanding as a martial art, but you can build up your tolerance so that you eventually reach a level where you might not be stronger than your opponent but you will be able to remain alert and quick thinking for longer. 

Strike Power From Every Part Of Your Body

If you want to end a fight as quickly as possible, then you should want to use every option your body offers you to finish fights early. That includes your elbows, shins, knees and palms in addition to your fists and legs, which is often the only two attacking weapons other martial arts train. In Muay Thai, everything that can be used as a weapon is part of your training. All you need to do is land one or two of your strikes and often a fight will end quickly enough. Muay Thai gives you the most options and variance to deal with any situation.

Use An Opponents Strength Against Them

Another important part of Muay Thai training is centred around the momentum of your opponent. Knowing how to use their own strength against them is critical in a mismatch in size or number of opponents. Getting real-world experience in throwing and maneuvering your opponents how you want to can swing the odds drastically in your favour. If you are looking for a great defensive martial art just in case you are ever in a dangerous position, then you cannot look past Muay Thai. 

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There are many different martial arts out there that offer great defensive techniques for their participants, but none are quite like Muay Thai. Muay

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