3 Upgrades to Winterize Your Camper Trailer

If you plan on using your camper trailer during the winter months, you may want to consider winterizing it. This is especially true if you are considering long-term camping trips in various cold weather conditions. If you are looking at camper trailers and upgrades for the winter months, here are a few upgrades to consider. These upgrades can give you a warmer more comfortable camper and make your long-term trip easier. 

1. Insulate Your Windows

You may already have insulation around your doorway and openings throughout the camper trailer. This will keep out some of the cold air; however, there is another step you can take to upgrade your winterizing in camper trailers. Your windows will still let in a certain amount of cold air, especially overnight. You can stop this by having panels cut from insulation board to fit your windows. At night, simply place the insulation panels securely over the windows. This will keep out the cold air and help you maintain a warm temperature within the camper trailer. You can purchase the insulation board at most home improvement stores and cut to fit yourself, or take measurements and have the store cut the board.

2. Hay Bales Under the Camper Trailer

If you will be doing a long-term stay in your camper trailer, then you will likely be parked at a caravan site overnight. One thing you can do to help winterize camper trailers is to use hay bales. You do not need many, and you can tote them in your truck or within the camper trailer storage areas if they are available. This winterizing step does become easier if you will be staying in one location for several weeks during the winter. Placing the hay bales under the camper will keep cold air out and prevent the temperature in the camper from dropping. 

3. Winterize Your Water Lines

You will need to winterize your water lines. You may already know to empty the lines and clear them before the cold weather. There are additional upgrades you can do to help keep the water lines open and from freezing. One of them is to get a water tank blanket to cover the area during the night. This is an insulated blanket you can buy at camping stores and caravan sales lots. The blanket is placed over your water tank and pipes to help keep them warm and insulated from the cold weather. You can also use a heater outside of the camper pointed at the water tanks to keep them from freezing.

There are many other upgrades you can make to your camper trailer in an effort to winterize it for colder weather. If you are planning on a long-term stay in your camper trailer, contact your local camper trailers dealer. They can help you with some upgrades that will benefit you for long-term living, cooking and enjoying your camper.

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