How to Fully Enjoy an Outback Road Trip

Whether you are crossing the Nullarbor or following the Great Dividing Range up Australia's east coast, there are many sights that are unique to this country that you can take years to even begin exploring. While grey nomads are increasing in number every year, there is no age minimum for going on a one-of-a-kind adventure in the massive outback Australia has to offer. However, as with any long journey, you should be properly prepared, and due to the vast distances that you will likely cover in the outback, you should ensure you are safe in any type of emergency the bush may throw at you.


The most important part of any journey into the great deserts that Australia has to offer is having the right vehicle. Remember that while your small city car might be perfect for the short trips and small spaces you find in city living, it will mostly not stand up to the rigours that the outback will present. If you want to travel in any level of comfort, you need to do what most people do and hire a caravan so you are not caught out at night. A pop top caravan is a great option that is quick and easy to set up when you are done driving for the day. Or you could get a more sturdy vehicle like an off-road caravan that you can take absolutely anywhere. Remember, a caravan will also let you store more items in it than a large truck, so you don't have to decide what to leave behind. You will also not need to rely on rundown motels as you make your way through the country if you choose to use a caravan. 

Emergency Kit

Many camping and supply stores sell different variations of emergency kits, so you can choose from one of those or build one yourself. People often forget just how truly massive Australia is when they live in the cities, so don't get caught out in the middle of a 600-kilometre road with no cell phone service. Make sure you have some sort of satellite phone, emergency food and water to last you several days, sunscreen, basic first aid items and at least one spare tire, preferably more. Knowing you are covered for any scenario will let you enjoy yourself more.

Don't Be Afraid to Stop

Many people set out a schedule and then try and follow it to the letter, which means they often miss out on little adventures when they do not consider stopping and taking a moment. You will find little lookouts, beautiful vistas and quaint country towns that all warrant attention if you want to get a good sense of the country, so if you see something interesting, do not be afraid to deviate from your plan. These experiences are often more rewarding because they are spontaneous and feel more authentic because of it, so don't limit to yourself to a schedule that you wrote out without all the information. Remember, it is more about the journey than the destination when going on a road trip, so don't be afraid to enjoy it!

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