3 Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Artificial Grass Tennis Court

People invest in artificial grass tennis courts because they do not need as much maintenance as their natural grass counterparts. Since the courts are in open spaces where everyone can easily access, they tend to get quite dirty with time. Therefore, there are cleaning and maintenance tips that you need to learn if you are interested in ensuring that your lawn stays clean and green at all times. Here, are three easy cleaning tips which will help.

1. Dealing with dog urine smell

Believe it or not, this is a problem which turns up in tennis courts quite often. If the tennis court is open to the public, restricting pet access can be a little harder than the private clubs. The easiest way to remove the dog urine odour from the courts is using vinegar and water spray. As a control measure, you can have grass which has excellent drainage installed so that if dogs pee in the court, the urine will easily drain off, reducing the intensity of the smell.

2. Brushing the grass

Regular brushing is one of the simplest ways to keep artificial grass in good condition. Tennis courts experience a lot of foot traffic, which can lead to the grass fibres lying flat. When you brush the grass, you bring the bristles back up and also ensure that the infill is distributed equally throughout the court. Brushing the court regularly also helps maintain the drainage capacity of the area, which increases the life of the grass. Experts recommend that sweeping should be done once in a week; however, if you feel that your court has more foot traffic than what is considered regular, you can have it brushed more than once in a week.

3. Removing debris

With time, debris such as leaves, twigs and branches will collect on the tennis court. If the waste is not cleared and it comes into contact with water, organic growths such as mould and fungi could result. Mould and fungi will stain the grass and create a health hazard. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you clean debris as soon as it forms on your court.

Finally, note that moss growth is common with courts located in shaded areas, and the best way to remove them is getting a safe biocide. Those are simple cleaning steps that you can follow to maintain the condition of your artificial court grass. If you need special maintenance services such as the addition of infill for your synthetic grass tennis courts, you have to talk to your local professionals. 

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